We are the
virtual advertising agency.


Virtual Broadcast

We combine a decade of creative excellence in dynamic content management, broadcast integration, artificial intelligence and unity/unreal production.

We offer broadcasters and sponsors the most dynamic, authentic and accurate virtual advertising platform in the industry.


A fully integrated service.

TVR has been created through a vision to truly innovate across the virtual advertising landscape.

Existing virtual advertising platforms rely on added hardware or simple play out functionality without any creative production, dynamic/data integration or the ability to make virtual photo-real using game engine platforms.

We offer a fully integrated service managing the creative and delivery of virtual advertising across all stakeholders.


Activation/ Production

End to end management of any type of virtual advertising campaign across any sport.

Ideation/ Creative

Award winning team specialising in creativity around dynamic on screen content

Custom graphic production

Advanced unity and unreal development allowing for photo real virtual ad placement, 3D structure placement and live lighting and environmental dynamics

Virtual content management

Custom development of content management platforms built around virtual advertising allowing inventory mapping, dynamic scheduling, data/api integration, live content changes and artwork proofing in context

In play live creative

Computer vision can capture any type of variable data field live overlaying graphics in real-time and investing data to vary creative in real time